Cristal Alakoski

Cinematographer & Director

Here you can find a selection of some of my other recent work.

Kiki - Sido Mut

Kiki - Sido Mut

Music video, 2023

  • Cinematographer: Joel Grandell
  • Underwater Camera Operator: Cristal Alakoski
  • Director: Jirina
  • Production company: Sons of Lumière
  • Link (YouTube)
Docstop: Olen ajatellut elää

Docstop: Olen ajatellut elää

Documentary, 2019

  • Cinematographer: Jarmo Kiuru
  • Additional Cinematography: Cristal Alakoski
  • Director: Elina Hyvärinen & Miia Rivio
  • Production Company: Kookos Films
  • Premiere YLE 2019: Link (Yle Areena)
Remember Me, Please

Remember Me, Please

Short film, 2018

  • Cinematographer: Kerttu Hakkarainen
  • Camera Operators: Cristal Alakoski, Alvi Pakarinen
  • Director: Heidi Lindén
  • Production Company: Aalto University
Rakkautta vain

Rakkautta vain

Tv-series, 2017

  • Cinematographer: Heikki Färm
  • Camera Operator (one of several): Cristal Alakoski
  • Director: Laura Joutsi
  • Production Company: Kaiho Republic
  • Premiere YLE 2017: Link (Yle Areena)