Cristal Alakoski

Cinematographer & Director


Inspired by the story "Out of water" by Barry Yourgrau.
This story is by Mr. Yourgrau, but it has been modified and shortened for this photography project. You can find the original and full story in the book "A Man Jumps Out of an Airplane".

It's a rainy day and a young man, James, who is about to come home from college by car, sees a young woman trying to hitch a ride. Her clothes are wet and she looks freezing. James asks if the girl wants to come over to his house and take a warm shower and change into some dry clothes, so she won't get pneumonia. She hesitates, but goes anyways. The girl takes a warm shower and he puts a robe around her. James is surprised to notice that he has instantly fallen in love with this girl and she doesn't even know it. He kisses her gently, but notices that she tastes salty and oily, like a fish. James is shocked and surprised. The girl blushes and points at the books about salt- and freshwater fish she put on his table and murmurs "Those are my ancestors I am studying".

Models: Hannie May & Matthew Winston